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School Holiday Ideas for Kids in Adelaide

Virtual Reality Kids Party – Standard Features

  • 25+ of the most popular VR games for kids of all ages

  • Latest Wireless VR Equipment

  • Single & Multiplayer Games

  • NEW: Play ‘Battle Arena’ – A fun team based VR laser tag game

  • Suitable for kids, teenagers and young adults from age 7+

  • Dedicated party hosts – drawing on our 3 years of experience running VR kids parties

  • 90m Standard length

  • City arcade – BYO food welcome

  • Golden Grove – Allocated food court space after your party

Looking for the best kids party ideas in Adelaide?

Virtual Reality Adelaide offers a wide array of amazing kids party packages with unique virtual games and experiences perfect for younger kids and teenagers! A Virtual Reality Adelaide Kids Party is sure to have your children’s friends talking for days.

Children can play single or multiplayer in the latest virtual reality games; battle robots, repair Star Wars droids, create havoc in the kitchen or office in Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, explore the earth in Google Earth VR, slice and dice pineapples in Fruit Ninja VR, or try a match of team Battle Arena. Plus many more.

Our kids parties are suitable for children and teenagers from age 7 with games and experiences for novices and experienced gamers alike.

There’s something for everyone making Virtual Reality Adelaide such a popular destination for children’s parties!

Gold VR Party

  • 8 VR Stations / 8 Simultaneous Players
  • Access to our entire range of the latest VR games and Experiences
  • Multiplayer and Single Player Games
  • Use of additional Nintendo games machines
  • 2 VR Party hosts
  • BYO food and drink and CAKE welcome!
  • *8 Kids Included + $30 per extra child*
  • *90m session standard – extra 30m + $120*
  • Maximum 12 participants (sharing 8 VR stations)
  • *Battle Arena and Escape Rooms not included*

Platinum VR Party - Golden Grove only

  • Available at Golden Grove Only
  • 12 VR Stations / 12 Simultaneous Players
  • Play 4v4 Battle Arena or any of our Regular VR Experiences
  • Exclusive Use of Entire VR Venue Including all Nintendo games machines
  • 2-3 VR Party hosts
  • Exclusive use of designated party space in the food court after or before your session.
  • *12 Kids Included + $25 per extra child*
  • *90m session standard – extra 30m + $140*
  • Multiplayer and Single Player games
  • Maximum 18 participants (sharing 12 VR stations)
  • *Escape Adventures not included*

Escape Room & Battle Arena Party

$540-6802 Hours
  • Golden Grove Arcade – up to 12 players – $680
  • City Arcade – up to 8 players – $540
  • *120m session standard*
  • Each players gets a team Escape Adventure AND a Team Battle Arena session
  • 2-3 VR Party hosts
  • Exclusive use of designated party space in the food court after or before your session. – Golden Grove Only
  • Minimum 4 players required
  • Exclusive Use of Entire VR Venue Including all Nintendo games machines

* For larger groups or variations please call or contact us here
* VR escape rooms adventures not included in regular parties
* Jet Sim experiences not included in standard parties
* All listed times are approximate

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    5 star review  This was my first time using VR. After perusing articles and watching clips online, I was really excited to have a go. It was honestly better than I imagined; I spent the whole rest of the day reflecting on my experience in quiet appreciation. It feels like being transported to another universe, a universe where jet packs and zombies live in abundance, and the bizarre, extraordinary and hilarious converge to create a truly unique experience. The owner Daniel, is a great guy. Super helpful and friendly; he really cares about his customers. His engagement was enthusiastic and he was always quick to offer helpful insights and provide answers to my probing questions. Everyone should check this place out, take your friends and family and get involved with the technology of the future!

    thumb Patrick McCarthy

    5 star review  I had the good fortune of spending a lot of time with my nieces and nephews in this establishment on a recent trip home from LA. I work in the area of VR and filmed entertainment and consider this experience to be amongst the best in world for people of all ages. The kids were over the moon happy with the hours they spent there and it was a struggle to get them 'unplugged' from the whole thing. That saidm it felt more active and physical than sitting in front of their ipads. Adrianna is a truly wonderful host and takes care of everyone with a "motherly" sense of patience, never annoyed when the kids got stuck somehow in a game or a glitch. The owner Steve is a friendly presence throughout the experience and goes out of his way to make sure everyone is having a good time. Truly 'A' class entertainment for everyone. Highly recommended.

    thumb Heath Ryan

    5 star review  What a buzz. Simply the best experience and fun you can have out of the bedroom. Just great.

    thumb dave justice

    5 star review  My first proper VR experience with modern equipment and it was Awesome! Owner was very friendly and actually have us about 30 mins extra as they didn't have any other customers at the time which was very nice of him. Great location and good setup for beginners such as myself with a good introduction to how things worked. Will definitely be back!

    thumb Nick Morris
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